Enter a Brave New World with Phenibut

Article by Jeff Taylor

What Exactly Does Phenibut Do To Your Body?

Jeff here making a departure from Penis Enlargement products, but rather a very special drug that I think will help 99.9% of the readers of this blog’s lives.

What is it?

It’s called phenibut.

Phenibut has a quite complicated way that it interacts with the body, but interestingly, it is nearly exactly the same way that alcohol works. In this article we will guide you to the right dosage for using Phenibut.

Phenibut is a Russian Nootropic that is most commonly used for boosting mood, treating anxiety and helping to promote healthy sleep.

If you’d prefer to read much more about it, we’d recommend reading this highly detailed Phenibut article.

The Chemical Reasons on How and Why it Works.

Very briefly, the Phenibut molecule are looked at as a ‘key’ to unlock ‘locks’ when you look at the brain called GABA-receptors.

Ok, but what does that mean?!

Our bodies are constantly regulating signals from the Central Nervous System using GABA molecules. Mostly, we hardly also notice the results. However, as soon as we just take a substance like Phenibut, which is additionally a ‘key’ to unlock the GABA-receptor ‘locks’ we get the same effects but stronger and more noticeable.

The body’s own ‘key’ is called GABA, and when this unlocks the GABA-receptors, our brains have a lower response to signals from the Central Nervous System. It’s this that creates the effects of leisure, social ease, pain relief and drowsiness when our bodies produce GABA. This tends to take place at night or when we are really tired.

Phenibut unlocks the limits on the GABA-receptors which are tied to your brain.

That is why alcohol and Phenibut work in a very comparable way, but they do not produce exactly the same effects – alcohol unlocks mostly GABA-A ‘locks’, while Phenibut is better at unlocking the so-called GABA-B receptors, causing somewhat different impacts.


Dosing Phenibut properly to maximize it’s benefits and reduce negatives.

Certainly one of the best things about using Phenibut HCl or Phenibut FAA is that you can use an alternate dosage for different effects.

This very unlike other drugs and compounds on the market (hard or soft).

For a higher dose, between 500 – 750 mg could be taken twice daily, depending on how strong you’d like the effects becoming. At these higher doses, you still get the mood-lift and calm sensation, and some increased sociability, but in addition helps with getting to sleep and maintaining good, healthy rest throughout the night time. Read more here.

Mild side effects of using Phenibut can include stomach cramps or an upset stomach, dizziness, tiredness, short-term memory reduction and lethargy and these are common side-effects with the utilization of all GABA-like substances.

It is definitely not recommended to surpass the maximum dosage of 1000 mg per serving, or 2000 mg daily. It IS possible to overdose on Phenibut, so please use responsibly. Any GABA – like chemical, including Phenibut, lowers the responses to the Central neurological system, and if you take too much this could easily cause low heart rate, low breathing rate, dizziness, and sweating. Users have also reported that a tolerance builds up after taking Phenibut continuously without cycling. Phenibut should not be used much more than twice a few days to prevent a tolerance build-up.

Whatever effects you’d rather have, we always recommend starting with a lower dose and seeing how it goes before moving onto higher dosages. Some people’s bodies can react differently, or much more intensely than others, so rather play it safe to start with.

A tolerance build-up means that you’ll need even more of the substance to achieve exactly the same results, and this is among the most common causes of overdoses in chemicals like benzodiazepines or even liquor. In the event that you feel like you aren’t getting the same results from your usual dosage please take a week or two off, rather than simply increasing the dose.

Addiction to Phenibut is possible but only through suffered high dosage for long periods of time. This is mostly because of the effects of tolerance therefore the user taking larger and larger doses to counter-act the tolerance, instead of making use of cycling methods.

Phenibut is a great substance with multiple calming and mood-enhancing effects and, as with all GABA agonists, it can have some side effects.

A recommended lower dosage of Phenibut HCl would be around 250-350 mg, taken two to three times daily. This lower dosage provides a mild mood boost and feeling of peace. It has been said by some to also improve sociability at this lower dosage.

Can You Mix Phenibut with Other Compounds?

In fact, a few studies have shown that even small amounts of Phenibut provide a neuro- and cardio-protective effect, helping the heart and brain to cope with stress (see our longer product information). When you think about the negative aftereffects of alcohol use, its easy to understand why some people chose to vary between alcohol and Phenibut, or even to replace alcohol entirely with Phenibut.

Using Phenibut with either alcohol or benzodiazepines increases the impacts of both substances and considerably increases the danger of an overdose.

Believe it or not you can mix it with other compounds!

However, this is generally not recommended, especially for beginner users.

Phenibut works in the in an identical way that liquor and benzodiazepines do. Its very important to NOT mix Phenibut with either alcohol or benzodiazepines because, in particular doses, it may end up in respiratory depression and can lead to unconsciousness or even death.

However, when using Phenibut alone, and not exceeding the recommended dosage, risk of overdose is negligible, particularly when using cycling and making sure not to counter-act a tolerance build-up with extra Phenibut.

Like benzodiazepines, Phenibut has a long half-life, which means it is active in your body for longer periods period. This is useful because you only really need to take it once or twice a time to experience the extended effects, but it also ensures that you need to watch for AT THE VERY LEAST about 6 hours before making use of alcohol and even longer for benzodiazepines.

Some individuals chose to use Phenibut in small to medium doses instead of drinking, to minimize the undesireable effects of alcohol use. Phenibut and alcohol work in extremely similar ways, unlocking slightly different “GABA receptors”. At certain doses, the effects of Phenibut are noticeably comparable to the effects of alcohol, without some of the negative side-effects of alcohol.

How long does the Phenibut High last?

So here’s what the Phenibut high is like.

Ok, let’s consider the start time as when it enters the bloodstream.

At a dose of 250 mg you can expect to feel effects for around 5 – 6 hours. At higher amounts the effects may continue for longer than this.

The half-life of Phenibut is around 5 hours, at a dosage of 250 mg. This means that after 5 hours, the chemical will have lost half of its potency in the body. However, once the human anatomy has metabolized over half of the dose, it is not likely to be felt because of the user.

A Daily Dosage Reigmen for Taking Phenibut Properly.

There are plenty of techniques people chose to take Phenibut. How you go on it also depends on whether you are using Phenibut FAA or Phenibut HCl, as advised dosages are slightly different for these two products.

You can mix it in water for example.

You can perform the same with Phenibut HCl.

Other people recommend placing Phenibut FAA inside a folded piece of paper, an vacant capsule or even some folded rolling paper, and swallowing with water. This method will prevent the sour flavor experience.

Some people prefer to add a well-measured scoop of Phenibut HCl to a cup of water and drink it just like that. Phenibut HCl does tend to have a rather chemical, bitter taste to it. It may be useful to mix a measured scoop of Phenibut HCl into a short glass of sweet liquid to minimize the bitter taste.

And that bitter taste is what gets to some people, unfortunately.

We’d recommend either, because they both work as efficiently as the other.

That’s because its really hard to mix them.

Is there a difference between FAA and HCL Phenibut Types?

Ah, more complicated “chemical / scientific” terms.

But here I’m going to clarify it.

First Phenibut FAA.

Phenibut FAA contains a fair amount more Phenibut per milligram than Phenibut HCl does.

Phenibut FAA is oftentimes more expensive per fat, but requires a slightly smaller dosage than Phenibut HCl for the same effects.

Phenibut HCl is the more common type of Phenibut product. It is quite acidic, is easily dissolvable and is sold in a crystalline form. Phenibut FAA, on the other hand, is closer to neutral pH, less dissolvable, and it is not sold in a crystalline type.

Despite these differences, there really is not that much practical difference.

Phenibut FAA means Phenibut “free amino acid”, which differs slightly to Phenibut HCl in the way that the body absorbs it. Phenibut HCl is known as a “salt” in chemistry, while Phenibut FAA is a free-existing amino-acid.

So just pick one and use it! Try it out for yourself and then you can make a decision as to which to use.

Hope this guide helps and takes you far once you start using it!



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Article By Jeff Taylor

What Penis Extender Data Reveals to Us

Everybody int he PE community knows that the generally accepted results are the following:

.7 inch length gain in 16 weeks.

That’s a significant remarkable effect provided that of wanting to improve your penis size possibly the very thought was regarded as a waste of time.

But don’t consider our concept for this.

Listed here are the the scientific studies done that have all of the knowledge that back up these results.

Is there a typical price range when it comes to penis extenders?

Unfortunately, extender devices are pretty expensive.

They typically be more expensive than $200.

Some also go as large as $400!

Sadly, there are fundamentally the exact same product with enhancement or no substantial creativity over the past two decades.

That’s, each of them consist of spring system, noose and the same rod.

They’re far and several in between while there are several minor variations from stretcher device to stretcher product.

Therefore ultimately, it doesn’t matter because all that matters is it’s power to hold your penis in a light, extended position for long intervals, which penis stretcher device you utilize.

If you should be searching for the least expensive extender, you may choose to read upon the different effects to do so.

If you’d like to try your hand at producing your personal homemade penis stretcher, take a look at this article – caution, that it is very hard to obtain right, along with the products are hard to come by.

An extender that has truly shaken up the industry: PhalloGauge

The PhalloGauge Model S Penis Extender system is one that is sold by PhalloGauge LLC, a well-established player in the penis enlargement community.

Quite frankly, in my opinion, I think they have the best penis extender.

First off, it’s only $168 – big difference compared to the high price points I mentioned earlier.

I will probably do an in-depth review on it in a later blog article.

While the pole-based techniques are a pretty good first endeavor, even though they are doing have some non-zero price, there were absolutely improvements that we made to it to make sure that you could be successful.

Some of these factors are as follows:

Such that it can be used in public areas, the extender device has to be entirely hidden.

That is essential because given the necessity that the solution has to be worn for lengthy intervals (preferably 6 hours aday), using the penis traction must focus around your daily life not another way around.

Another situation could be the truth that a great number of parts are employed and the rod-based process is actually complex.

The reason being the Model S consists of only two principal parts of that take significantly less than 30 seconds to hold and lose combined.

Another issue with stretchers is the fact that they are known for moving down, specifically at the toughest times.

The Design S address this issue using a versatile, supple silicone polymer wrap that completely melds and holds the bottom of the penis glans for a fantastic grip without squeezing the heck from your penis.

Sadly, most organizations out there are just looking to create a quick sale.

By the way, on the topic of reviews by the PE community, you can’t go wrong with ThundersPlace – they have a good community there.

Evaluate that determination around only at the PhalloGauge workforce, where we have lessons and full manual that period the whole subject of penis enlargement.

In fact, we are the sole firm that writes lessons and total books that will help you because we genuinely care about your success.

Notice, we discovered and honestly think that if we just handed to you a device, you’d probably crash (not realize any increases) on account of not enough assistance.

However, if we were to hand a penis traction to you and show you every move of just how then your odds of succeeding increase exponentially.

And of course that you will be prevented by us from generating selfdestructive errors along the way.

You’ve an entire team of guys who experience genuine enhancement achievement behind you every action of the way.

By taking care of you, weare able to tell you exactly what changes you must be performing when on a penis enlargement regimen along with essential items that you should avoid doing because we’ve seen guys fail simply by doing certain things incorrectly in their entire voyage.

For example, here, we unearthed that some were better basically because of the novel style, and compared the professionals and cons of the finest penis stretchers in the marketplace.

And undoubtedly that some firms try and get you using whistles and the alarms, when all that should matter is operation and reality.

I might mention – edemas are a problem you need to be aware of.

Based on google, it’s understood to be: “a disorder indicated by too much watery fluid collecting in the cavities or cells of your body.”

A typical example on the base of an edema blister
It form of appears like blisters that load with liquid from wearing uncomfortable shoes, that you may get.

If you don penis traction units, especially if you set the noose process too tight, you’ll observe that it looks like water will be captured in a small, bead-like place inside the penis’ glans.]

The good thing is that if an edema occurs, it is basically not and only temporary a permanent thing. It will disappear completely unlike edema blisters that you will get from shoes.

When you give your penile cells a little bit of time to relax and remove your penis extender unit, you then will find the edema disappears!

Some people can not also feel it once they have edema, so it is just noticed by them soon after they takeoff the unit.

Others feel just a little uncomfortable after carrying the penis extender for a very long time and they see the edema, touch it, and notice that that region feels sore towards the contact when they consider off it.

While not 100% totally unpleasant, it could be a bit frustrating with a people.

This results in that you’re strapping into the device in your penis too tight. While you secure the noose (for rod-based stretchers) or the silicon place (in case of the PhalloGauge Product S), then you are constricting your penile tissues.

This constraint is what contains the liquid as part of your penis and causes the edema to look.

While edemas are not perfect, they’re not the world’s end.

Something you can test will be to find the minimum rigidity that one may use to strap your penis in without it falling out. It is a smart way to reduce occurances of edemas.

However, the tradeoff listed here is in case you move around a bit, that you may risk sliding from the system.

That is where playing and getting used towards the unit pays off.

However, this issue is solved by the Design S because the plastic place that is used to secure your penis into the product can actually extend and expand so there’s a qualification of mobility that allows a much better leads to: no slippage, ease, and reduced edema.

Should you applied a-rod-based penis traction product, be aware because they work with a higher durometer (harder, non-flexible) silicon noose which thinks a lot more like a tavern that clamps down on your penis in place of gripping it elegantly.

What does your penis feel when it’s being stretched by a penis extender?

Imagine doing a light leg stretch together with your knee.

Now try to translate that sensation within your muscle, but in depth to your penis base – that is what it is like.

It is not painful, infact, some have even noted that it seems good.

Generally, you may not experience any issues with the specific stretching of your penis.

This can be rather strange since you could assume any discomfort experience wouldbe about the the main penis that is experiencing the most of the power employed.

However, this is simply not the event plus it just visits demonstrate how flexible and adaptive the penis shaft ligaments are.

For those who haven’t acquired a penis extender unit, we recommend checking out the guide stretching penis workouts since this can give you a great idea of the way the stretch may experience if it is applied to your penis with the penis extender.

Issues and any pain stretching are as a result of common problems that people will make when performing penis enlargement, especially newcomers.

The precise common error here is overstretching from implementing a lot of power. Folks may think that they’ve to arrange their stretcher to take really hard on the penis to obtain results.

This won’t be more from your truth.

Truth be told, all you have to can be a light power applied for long periods of time.

Stretching harder won’t do much for you, as well as in truth may stunt your expansion by toughening up your septum tendon toomuch – if that takes place it’s not going to react to extending desirably.

One way to tell if you are overstretching from a lot of power is if you experience a sharp pain anywhere inside your penis area. This goes for both penis extender units and manual penis stretching.

Here are some things that you should know before buying.

Now that you know how to hold the penis extender, what can you expect when wearing it?

After all, you’re going to need to use these points for hours every day.

How can the base part feel against your pelvis?

For all extenders, they have a bottom component that moves against your penis.

This component can be a foam cycle (as shown above) or even a rigid body.

As it is one of many pieces that is making connection with your body, you are able to assume that there will be some force put on your skin when this occurs of contact (Newton’s Third Law).

Newtons third law since it pertains to penis stretchers.
It requires to support itself only at that bottom part since the penis traction is implementing a stretching pressure.

For some people, this will be irritating or somewhat annoying.

Some folks could be more vulnerable towards the force put on the base of the penis length, in comparison with others. With many men is the fact that while they utilize the extender device more often nevertheless what we find, the force put on the bottom element wo n’t will adjust and eventually affects them.

Generally, if you apply a higher pressure, the force applied to the penis’ base may also be higher.

So here is what we recommend: if you should be a penisenlargement newbie, you should most likely not even focus on stretching for that first two days.

Take both of these nights to obtain used to carrying the unit. You can certainly do this by utilizing an extremely low-force that gives a stretch that is very gentle.

Next, gradually try and raise the anxiety while in the unit to the stage where you could use it for your proposed four hours each day.

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What the heck is the X4 Labs Penis Extender and Why Should I Care?

The X4 laboratories Penis Extender is actually not just a single product, but fairly a bunch of different packages based around a single penis extender that is rod-based.

Therefore, since there are plenty combinations of packages that you could buy from their site, we’re just going to cover the meat-and-potatoes of the penis extender, as well as review some of their side products and bonuses, individually.

The company that carries the X4 Labs extender is sold from Canada which is friendly to Canadian, and somewhat friendly to U.S. consumers.

Learn How to Put it On. Here’s How.

  • Day put your own pants back on and proceed with your own.


  • Choose the metal that is right for the tension you wish to implement and install them in the framework of the device.


  • Check out secure your penis shaft and head by inserting the straps or nooses, whichever your prefer.


  • Place the top of your shaft on the shaft platform.


  • Angle the penis stretcher to your desired angle.


  • Fit the base part around the bottom of the shaft of your penis, against the pelvis.


Since you don’t have access to it yet, here’s what it’s like to put on.

It’s like a cock extender that is traditional.

Thus then there are better quality and cheaper options out there if you do end up reverting to the standard silicone noose.

The first one that is noticeable the way that the top of your penis shaft is strapped into the device.

The silicone is recommended by me nooses, simply since there is less stuff to deal with.

The straps with foam padding are ok, but they start to warm my penis up a bit excessively and my crotch starts to get sweaty.

This extender gives a options that are few many notably the silicone noosese or the foam straps.

Regardless, it is a pretty stretcher that is strong if money isn’t an issue – you’ll be pleased with what you’re getting right here.

If you’ve ever used a exteder that is rod-based, like the Jes-Extender, SizeGenetics, or Male Edge, you pretty much understand what you’re getting into when you employ the X4 Labs penis extender.

That being stated, you can find a differences that are few it comes to wearing it.

Oh the comfort! Is it at all?

This penis extender is actually fairly comfy.

Contrasted to the other rod-based extenders it’s a competitor that is great the SizeGenetics and the Pro Extender.

At that true point, you’re going to just need compare the cost and shipping options and make your own decision from there.

For most guys, however, this will be sufficient. Simply wouldn’t be prepared to keep this extender on if you like to contort your legs or sit in cross-legged positions.

Despite this, there isn’t much difference that is noticeable the user viewpoint.

When wearing the unit, you’re pretty much restricted to the standard office-chair walking and sit.

Some pretty good advantages to this penis extender.

Will come in a package that is wonderful.

We actually like the design of the box that their own products come in. It looks clean and pro.

But I don’t expect lots of you wish to be bragging about having these penis extender items to the friends, if you’re like me, it’s probably only likely to be sitting in my closet the time that is whole.

Does it have a Money Back Guarantee?

I mean, then you’re probably not going to like the terms with this money-back agreement if you have a hard time spending your credit card bill on time.

For those of you who tend to be really responsible as well as on it (never late for work, for instance), you are going to probably be successful with this logging program, and thus have a higher chance of being able to actually redeem the guarantee that is money-back.

Specifically, you have to register your device and comply with their tracking protocol.

While I’ve never redeemed it, it’s nice to know that they do have one that can use in the event that things go south.

This is fair, but hard.

You literally have to record your entire progress by taking measurements after each session utilizing their web-based app.

I’m pretty sure then chances are you will lose out on getting your own cash right back if you miss a measurement session.

The assurance lasts for 6 months after buying it. After that, you’re out of luck. This is pretty fair, in my experience.

A money is actually had by them back guarantee which is pretty nice.

However, there are always a few of caveats to this guarantee that is money-back.

Ok, hard-hitting time. The Cons.

Yikes. The price.

A whole lot of these bundles don’t offer anything particularly even new or useful.

X4 Labs provides so packages that are many it’s actually a bit bewildering.

And that’s the problem.

They’re trying to upsell you things that are useless you don’t even need.

There are a few packages that are clear rip offs – particularly, the ones that exceed $250, however, there are some that are sensible, that can come without the add-ons that are pointless.

Unfortunately, it’s marred by shady marketing.

Yeah, this ad has been here forever. Literally. And 80% off? sounds a bit also good to be real.

You need certainly to consider because you aren’t sure what the actual price is because it’s perpetually distorted while it is not inherently bad, it’s still something.

They always claim to have “sales” with conclusion timers on them that don’t actual expire.

That is, they have a sale that is perpetual on.

This is a tactic used in marketing getting you to buy immediately because the price actually seems lower, when in fact, they are still making a good to profit that is large the price markdown.

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By: Jeff Taylor

So you know how to jelq.

However, most guys can get too carried away with their jelqing session and start to reach a spot of overtraining.

It is not that hard, huh?

In this blog article I’m going to coach you on how to prevent overtraining to ensure that you can maximize your size (girth) gains that you avoid stunting your progress so.

By now, I’m sure you had a jelqing that is few.

The mistake that is biggest to avoid when jelqing

This is bad because your erection hardness level shall skyrocket to 100% really fast.

Another thing that is criminals will do is watch pornography while jelqing.

The single mistake that is biggest that guys can make while jelqing is doing it with a 90-100% hard erection.

Knowingly is when you actually think that in purchase to maximize increases, you’ve got to employ a super hard erection level.

Not only is watching pornography bad for natural penis growth in common, to do it while jelqing, it skyrockets your erection level in less than a minute.

If that’s you, we’re going to correct that right now in this blog article.

Then we’ll discover the steps it happens and exactly how to avoid them if it’s unconsciously.

Its done by them consciously or unconsciously.

We’ll find out later why this really is not perfect.

One problem, especially with novice jelqers is they tend to obtain really stimulated after having a reps that are few their jelqing session.

This tends to happen with the more youthful guys who are more susceptible to such arousal.

Remember, jelqing is perhaps not a masturbation session, its an exercise session.

Why you need to avoid jelqing with a rock erection that is hard

Think of what are the results when you jelq at a lower erection level.

Remember, the goal would be to train the tissues by rolling them over each other, not squeeze them together.

Combine this effect with a super taut jelqing grip and you’re further magnifying this result that is undesirable.

What happens is this: as opposed to the shaft tissues rolling over each other, instead they merely get squeezed together.

Then try to minimize the amount of high erection hardness jelqing reps to 20% or lower if you do like to jelq at high erection levels.

There’s a real point that occurs when you’re jelqing too hard, where instead of expanding the tissues you’re actually squeezing all of them together.

There’s no reason that is real do all your own reps at a high erection level.

As you move the finger grip up your shaft, you’re rolling the surface shaft skin up and over your the area shaft skin just above it.

The explanation that is major to avoid stunting your development.

Now, let’s give consideration to what are the results to the surface shaft tissue when you jelq at maximum erection level.

The development training of this tissue is what leads to gains that are girth.

This is also true for the tissue that is penile below the surface shaft skin.

There are two factors you can control.

This means your tissue that is penile is cushioning your jelq stroke, but rather actively pushing against your jelqing clasp.

Erection level hardness and tightness of your finger that is OK grip.

However, in this instance, it’s their genuine firmness of their penis shaft that is creating the force that is overtraining they’re ironically trying to prevent.

It says that for each and every reaction force, there is an opposite and reaction force that is equal.

That is why some guys think that erection they can avoid making the overtraining mistake if they normally use a less heavy jelqing clasp with a super difficult.

Although both factors are important – you need to ensure you’re doing both correctly – you should first master your grip because its the easiest to control, correct, and control.

However, you need to consider Newton’s Third Law.

That’s almost correct.

Finger grip tightness is easier and faster to modify with the mind. Erection level is not.

So say the keeping your grip loose. However your erection level is very hard.

Considering all these factors, here’s the thing that is greatest to do regarding your grip and erection level

Really you’re wasting time especially if you desire more girth.

In the place of rolling the tissues, you are squeezing them together – that’s bad.

To reiterate: You need to be hard enough to have a base to roll your tissues which can be external, and you also need to end up being soft enough to ensure you’re not squeezing the tissues together.

Another way of visualizing this is actually to make your penis look uncircumcised (skin rolling over and covering the glans) as you finish your own jelqing stroke (as your fingers reach the beds base of your glans).

Right here’s the secret. Remember how we just said earlier in the day as we move the fingers up the shaft that we wanna get the shaft skin and tissues to roll-over itself?

This will help you save from negative results.

Erection level actually plays a role that is big this effect.

If there’s merely something that you take away from this guide, make certain you simply’re not rock hard.

This tends to be between a 50-70% erection hardness level as we mentioned within our full jelqing guide.

The factor that is second you can control is your erection level.

Think of exactly what happens when jelqing with the two extremes of erection level.

Again this factor is a little harder to manage, but its still very important.

You can take to these two extremes out to see for yourself.

By doing this, you know that you’re stretching your shaft skin as well as the shaft tissues just under it. These are the tissues that will translate to girth gains.

Ok, now we can control erection level to optimize our jelqing program that you got that hammered in your mind, let’s see how.

Now let us consider the other extreme – when you are practically flaccid 0-20% erection level.

So ideally, you have to find a erection level method that is happy.

We already know what happens when you’re at maximum hardness.

You haven’t any core shaft foundation to roll those tissues that are exterior!

In this case, what will happen is actually that instead of rolling and training the outer tissues (the ones that contribute to girth), you finish up just taking your shaft core, which means you’re doing a manual dick exercise that is stretching targets length! Maybe not jelqing which targets girth gains and blood flow expansion!

Try to use your fingers to grip some shaft and try to get it to roll-over the shaft in front.

You gotta stop pornography that is viewing doing your jelqing sessions.

Do not cut corners, first make sure you’re doing jelqing properly, then see when you can add in another thing to do at the time that is same.


  • Watch your YouTube that is actually favorite channel
  • Listen to a podcast – this is good if you like to always be circumstances that are learning.

However, with every daily jelqing session) is far too much and its going to provide you with some erectile dysfunction which will hurt your ability to get hard during actual sex and also stunt your penile enlargement gains like we said before, watching porn when jelqing (combined with the fact that you’re watching it.

Experiment to see if your own attention span can deal with a task that is recreational proper jelqing technique simultaneously.

Instead of watching porn, here are a few alternative things to do while jelqing (assuming you can still maintain the correct erection level with a attention that is reduced it):

  • Watch Netflix, Hulu, or any other shoe provider
  • Watch ESPN or sports

Most guys naturally turn to pornography that is seeing doing jelqing because its fun, and seems to naturally go with jelqing.

We know jelqing is not the most thing that is fascinating do.

Guys have reported more spoginess to their shaft which indicates more expansion that is thickness

This generally doesn’t occur when you squeeze real hard.

This sponginess is exactly what you’re trying to achieve when your looking for jelqing girth gain results.

This means that you will find now more cavities in your penis shaft tissue that can hold blood.

If the shaft feels more spongy that’s the combined group gains that you’re looking for.

That you can use the gains that you worked so difficult to achieve if you maximize your sponginess expansion ability, all that’s required of you is to maximize your circulation during actual sex so.

Keep in mind, the sponginess is your own penis shaft’s ability to expand wider than usual.

In summary

We guarantee you that if you produce a mindful effort to get the rolling motion, you’ll instantly see the sponginess result after your jelqing treatment, as well as your shaft will instantly feel “fatter”.

Have you been getting the tissue motion that is actually rolling? Or are you simply squeezing your shaft tight?

Take another look at the jelqing technique.

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